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Cotswold Sheep Rugs

Our NoteWorthy guests love to visit our private English farm when travelling with us so we are delighted to offer access to the farm’s own organic rugs that are usually only available onsite.

These Cotswolds sheepskin rugs are beautifully soft, with natural colours ranging from pale to deeper coloured fleece, straight combed to show the unique silver tip, sinking into a deep chocolate brown at its base.  These rugs are very different to other sheepskins and are made from organic Manx Loaghtan sheep, whose wool is registered organic before tanning. The skins are carefully cured locally in Wiltshire, England, whilst the tanning process uses a chrome free, modern, environmentally friendly green method with far fewer chemicals that takes several weeks.

Each skin is from the local herd and great care has been taken in the rearing of the animals under organic standards with high welfare and attention to detail. This art also dates back to ancient times whilst providing timeless style and ultimate luxurious comfort for your home.

Weight: from 1kg-2.80kg

Price, excluding VAT and postage and packaging:

Single £125.00 GBP
99 x 67 cm

Long Double £250.00 GBP
195 x 69 cm

Quad £500.00 GBP
190 x 105 cm

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