Consider Alternative Transport Options

When travelling around the British Isles or to France, take the train and make the most of the experience: enjoy departing from and arriving straight in the heart of the cities, delight in the changing scenery rolling outside the windows and, most importantly, reduce your carbon footprint without compromising on comfort.

Offset Your Travel

When alternative transport options are not available, make sure to offset your travel in other ways.

We partner with the Woodland Trust, the UK’s largest woodland conservation charity to help in their effort to create new wildlife-rich woods, protect existing ones and restore damaged ancient ones.

Clients can participate in different activities that support the Trust and visit acres of protected woods they are helping create and preserve.  Each visit supports the charity in their effort to maintain the 1,000-plus woodlands they care for, so that they can keep capturing and storing carbon monoxide from the atmosphere.

Stay With Those Using Sustainable Practices

We work partner with some of the leading experts in ecotourism in the hospitality industry.

Some of their sustainable practices include reducing packaging using locally made reusable containers, using a biomass boiler for heating and installing a biodynamic farm. This is a method of regenerative agriculture that is being heralded by many as a solution to help head off climate crisis through conscious farming; the farm provides for the establishment whenever it can: from crops and organic fruit, herbs and vegetables that might end up on a restaurant’s plates, to herds of livestock that are the source of dairy products.

Learn more about the options you can include in your itinerary to help protect the planet.


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